William was such a sweet looking little boy
I just had to add him to the family.
There just aren't enough boys!

Sadly though he is missing his hat.

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Click here to see a close up of his face


"There always will be a little William dressed in sailor suits

This little fellow is a favorite and I hope he will become yours too"

~ Pauline

William is a sweet little boy with blond hair cut in a basin-cut style.
He has hazel eyes and a cute little button nose.

He is dressed in a navy and white sailor suit, white socks and black shoes.

He carries his favourite cloth toy yacht.

He has porcelain head, hands and feet with a cloth body and is from an early 1990's collection of Pauline's.


Date He arrived: 28 September 2006
From: Ebay, Australia (cheers170)
Edition Number: 138 / 2000
Date Sold: 9 May 2008

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