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She was a long time coming but at last she is here.
It was worth the wait!

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The elegance of the last century, combined with the innocence of childhood, are immortalised in Sophie, whose head is articulated and bears the inscription "Mundia" engraved on the back to vouch for its authenticity.

Her hair, which has the appearance of mohair but without its fragility, has been carefully put up in a delicate plaited bun. In order to preserve a natural appearance, all the hairs at the parting have been stitched in individually.

Her costume is made fom a very beautiful damask material, embelished with hand-made rosettes. Her bodice exhibits appliqué work and delicate embroidery, consisting of flowers and beads, all hand-sewn.

Sophie is 19½" tall and has a porcelain  head (pivoting), arms and legs with a cloth body


Date she arrived: 24 October 2002
From: eBay (The Big Secret)
Number: COA only

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