A heartwarming children story character to delight us!

Sadly my Princess did not come with her original frog but she has
this charming one to keep her company (click to see larger)

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Click here to see a close up of her face


The Princess wears a gorgeous lace and satin gown with gold trim and embroidered yoke over a white petticoat, panties and gold shoes. A charming little frog with tiny "gold leaf" crown (& high hopes) sits atop her hand.

Tiny golden ringlets frame her pretty features. She has lovely blue eyes and hand-knotted human hair eyelashes.

The Princess is an exquisite 19˝" porcelain doll with delicately hand-painted features, porcelain head, neckplate, arms and legs and cloth body.

The Princess and the Frog is a Worldwide Limited Edition of 1500 pcs.


Date She arrived: 22 November 2005
From: Ebay, Australia (jael1961)
Edition Number: 276 / 1500

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