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This young lady has been near the top of my Wish List for quite a while. Imagine my delight when I found her on TVSN - she was the last one! Nothing could have prepared me for her stunning beauty. She is a MUST HAVE.

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Mary Beth is a gorgeous young girl with blue eyes and short blonde bobbed hair. She has a lacy straw hat and her summery print dress has a crisp pique collar embroidered with a basket of flowers.

She carries her very own porcelain doll wearing a pink dress with a matching collar.

She is 22 inches tall with a finely hand-painted porcelain head, porcelain arms and legs and a weighted cloth body.

Mary Beth is individually hand-numbered in a Worldwide Limited Edition of 950.

Date She arrived: 22 June 2001
From: TVSN
Edition Number: 292 / 950

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