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Sweet little Maggie and her cute straw hat.
Must be Kathryn's big sister?

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Click here to see a close up of her face

Maggie is dressed in a beautiful hand-smocked blue and white print dress, trimmed with pretty cotton eyelet lace and embellished with exquisite embroideries on her organza collar. She also wears a pretty hand-woven hat detailed with blue and yellow flowers.

Maggie holds her sweet little bear who wears a bright yellow ribbon around its neck.

Maggie is crafted of fine hand-painted porcelain and is an individually hand-numbered Worldwide Limited Edition of 950 pcs.

Date She arrived: 27 July 2001
From: Karen McTague, U.S.A.
Edition Number: 120 / 950
Sold : 18 August 2002

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