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A special doll remembering Pauline's daughter
Lisabeth,  as a girl

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Lisabeth, is a portrait of Pauline's daughter as a young girl, is dressed in a striking Norwegian National costume. Lisabeth wears a red vest with brocade bodice, topping a black skirt, over which she wears a white cotton apron with lovely crochet insert lace. A pretty red cap with red and gold braid top her blond hair.

Lisabeth received the costume inside a Christmas package from her Norwegian Grandmother who had received it from her parents and worn it when she was six years old.

Norwegian children around the world, gather and parade in their National costume holding flags on May 17, their Independance day.

Lisabeth is a 19" porcelain child with handpainted features, handknotted eyelashes and porcelain head, neckplate, arms and legs. She is an individually hand-numbered Worldwide Limited Edition of 1800 pcs.


Date She arrived: 2 April 2004
From: Ebay (some_thing_new, USA)
Edition Number: 310 / 1800
Date Sold: 18 September 2005

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