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My first Christine Orange girl and
what a beauty she is!

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Click here to see a close up of her face


This shy little sweet girl was named after the fragrant lavender flowers that she carries. Lavender has filled a little pillow with the scented flower heads and will put it amongst the clothes in her closet so that in the winter months she will be reminded of sunny summer days.

Lavender is by Christine Orange and is 30" tall.  She has long straight reddish blonde hair and lavender eyes. She wears a white cotton half-slip, white cotton pantaloons, a long sleeve boat neck lavender silk dress decorated with fabric flowers. She has a lavender silk headband and lavender silk fabric shoes. She has several long-stemmed, purple flowers and a scented bag of lavender.

She has porcelain head, breastplate, arms and legs on a cloth body in a Limited Edition of 1000 pieces worldwide.


Date She arrived: 22 August 2003
From: Ebay (Bevandshaw,USA)
Number: 297 / 1000

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