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What a little munchkin!
I just couldn't resist this little sweetheart.

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Jennifer has short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She is wearing a skirt of old fashioned tapestry print with brown, amber, pink and red flowers and matching ribbons in her hair, a soft olive green lambswool knitted jumper and a collar of cream lace with a cream cord bow. Jennifer is also wearing black bloomers, navy and red socks and brown lace up shoes. She is carrying her favourite sleeping rag doll in a striped jumpsuit with wooden head, hands and feet, plus her cream jointed teddy with tan paw pads and brown handstitched nose, eyes and mouth. She is sitting on an olive green wooden chair.

She is a limited edition of 240 in Australasia and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Date She arrived: 2 January 2002
From: TVSN
Edition Number: 93 / 240
Date Sold: 7 April 2006

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