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Raggedy Anne and Andy?


Hillview Lane Doll - June (Winter 2000)

Hi! My name is Gwenda and I live in Australia.

I started my doll collection in July 2000 (the start of my second childhood as some of my family and friends believe). My first doll was not a limited edition, nor indeed was she collectable, but I thought she was very pretty and so she became Number 1.

The collection has grown considerably since then and consists mainly of Limited Edition Porcelain Dolls. Maybe one day when I have the room for more "girls" I will extend the collection to include all types.

Along the way some have come to stay while others have found new homes.

If you are a collector as well or you would just like to comment on my collection then please take a minute to either leave a message in my Guestbook or email me.
I would love to hear from you!

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Why not get a "cuppa" and come back and browse through my gallery. I am always happy to show my girls to everyone and I look forward to hearing what you think.

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A lot of the pages are 'graphic intensive' so please be patient and wait for the page to load. It will be worth it!

(If you don't like Ragtime music then I suggest you turn your speakers off!)

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