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Grace is a DOTY Award of Excellence winner
and the Australian Doll of the Year 2001

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Click here to see a close up
of her face

Grace (standing) is from the
2001 Vinyl Collection

She has warm brown hair, styled in a ‘topknot’ and a fuchsia pink silk headscarf.

She is costumed in black and white striped knit clam diggers and top with the Jan McLean Design label.

She has a tangerine orange cotton dress with pumpkin orange and fuchsia pink silk velvet vest. She has tangerine and pink linen shoes with pink silk laces.

She is fully poseable with moveable head. On her wrist she has a gold name bracelet with her name engraved to celebrate our first vinyl dolls. 21” (53cm) Afro-American Doll with hazel glasstic eyes and long lashes.

She is a limited edition of 3500.


Date She arrived: 9 June 2006
From: Ebay, USA (carnabystreet333)
Number: 1137 / 3500

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