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"Officially" the first porcelain doll in my collection.
Now I hear you say, why on earth did I buy her. Well,
at the time I wasn't collecting dolls as such and I
thought she was pretty and CHEAP and I just wanted
a doll to sit on my bed.  She didn't even have a name!

I gave her the name Elys after the music that she plays.

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Elys is wearing a pale pink satin dress and matching bonnet, both of which are trimmed with silver braid. Her dress is tied back with a darker pink sash. She has a pair of white, laced trimmed bloomers, little white socks with bone, ankle strap shoes.

Besides being so cute she is also musical! Wind her up and she plays Beethoven's "Fur Elise" and  moves with the music.

Date She arrived: 16 July 2000
From: Clints, Gosford
Sold: 10 December 2000

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