Daisy is from Kate Finn Catalogue Vol. 1 - isn't she adorable?
I am hoping to eventually adopt all the girls from this Volume.

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Click here to see a close up of her face

Daisy is a lovely child with hazel eyes and shoulder length blond hair. She is dressed in a lovely catcha apron with an exquisitely embroidered yoke over a charming country print dress, lace trimmed panties, beige socks and maroon patent shoes.

Daisy wears a hand-woven hat embellished with beautiful roses and carries a traditional rag doll dressed in a matching print dress and apron.

Daisy is crafted of fine hand-painted porcelain and has hand-knotted eyelashes. She is an individually hand-numbered Worldwide Limited Edition of 950 pcs.

Date She arrived: 13 March 2006
From: Ebay, Aust (ali2261)
Edition Number: 305 / 950

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