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The wonderful outfit that Columbine wears just
drew me to her. She is so special.

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What a magical sight this gracious Colombine is! Tonight she is going to the great ball in Venice with her friend, the bear.

Columbine is a 20" Limoges porcelain doll with jointed porcelain head, porcelain breastplate, full porcelain arms & legs and a cloth body. She has long, curly, brown hair & beautiful green eyes accented by upper lashes. Her complexion is exquisite and tiny freckles are splashed across her nose and upper cheeks.

Colombine is wearing an extremely elegant dress on a jester theme. The skirt has 8 layers which feature overlays of golden mesh, ivory patterned lace and the last one being gold lace with an intricate pattern & accented by Swarovski crystals.

The bodice is embroidered with gossamer Calais lace decorated with Swarovski crystals of celestial colours. The long sleeves are puffed at the shoulder and accented with gold braid at the cuff as well as the shoulder and bodice. The top of each sleeve is decorated with lime & lilac bows with pointed ends (like a jester's costume) & feature gold balls and crystals at the ends. A white net crinoline with ivory & white lace hem and golden pantaloons are worn under her dress. Lace stockings and matching shoes with golden tassels complete her outfit. Oh! I almost forgot! Colombine wears a pointed jester hat outlined in gold braid and sporting 2 golden tassels. A choker of lime silk with gold braid is her only jewellery. In her left hand, she holds a golden mask accented by Swarovski crystals on a golden rod with gold lace at the bottom.

Colombine has her little jointed bear with her to keep her company. He too is dressed for the part with lilac and lime collar accented with golden thread and he sports a beige felt hat with large green silk bow on the front.

Colombine is in the 1999 Mundia catalogue. Her publication in the Mundia catalogue guarantees the authenticity of her, identification for future generations and her worldwide exclusivity. In addition, the Mundia mark is engraved at the back of her head.


Date She arrived: 14 November 2002
From: Ebay (bevandshaw)
Edition Number: 536 / 1000
Date Sold: 20 July 2003

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