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That cherubic face and the gorgeous black velvet
dress just said "You must take me home!" - so I did!

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Click here to see a close up of her face

Annabelle is dressed in a stunning black velvet dress with an exquisite lace collar, and ribbon trim on the skirt over a lace-trimmed tulle petticoat, pantaloons and black shoes. A pretty hand-woven hat with matching velvet ribbon sits atop her head.

Annabelle is a 19 inch porcelain child with hand-knotted eyelashes porcelain head, neckplate, arms and legs and cloth body.

She is an individually hand-numbered Worldwide Limited Edition of 950 pcs.

Date She arrived: 9 December 2000
From: Dolls of Distinction
Coffs Harbour, N.S.W.
Edition Number: 349 / 950

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