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The gorgeous 2003 Christmas Doll by GÖTZ

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Click here to see a close up of her face

Angeline was designed by Elizabeth Linder for GÖTZ.
She is a gorgeous little angel with adorable blonde curls in bunches on each side of her head, beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest little mouth.

She is wearing a silvery blue taffeta dress and a knitted blue cardigan edged in faux fur. Her faux fur boots are tied on with blue strapping that matches her dress.

Angeline has a gossamer pair of wings (which can be detached) and a lovely golden trumpet that comes in its own special box.

She is 23" tall and has a vinyl head, arms and legs with a cloth body. Her production was limited to 2003 and no more were produced after 31/12/03.


Date She arrived: 4 March 2004
From: Ebay (dolls10)
Number: 79

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