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Believe it ot not this doll was my very first Pauline doll but I didn't even realise it! I bought her somwehere in the early 80's because I thought she was so pretty. It wasn't until I started to collect dolls that I found that Pauline also made cloth dolls, in fact started out with them. Imagine my surprise when I saw the exact same doll for sale on Ebay as a Doll by Pauline. An email to Pauline Collectibles confirmed she was indeed a Pauline and her name is Amanda Jane.

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This 53 cm. cutie is made of cloth, has pretty painted blue eyes and
has a long blonde hair tied back with a hand painted pink ribbon
(her hair can also be worn loose).
She is wearing a black dress that is trimmed with pink and edged

in white brocade and has a pink sash. The frilled collar is in
two layers, the top layer is black, the bottom one is pink,
both are edged in brocade. Underneath her dress she is wearing
black, lace edged knickerbockers. Her shoes are white vinyl
and are tied with white ribbon.


Date She arrived: Sometime in the 80's
From: Unfortunately I can't remember!

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