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Another gorgeous little Alice to join
my family of Alices in Wonderland

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Alice has a cloth body. Her short platinum blonde hair is made of mohair. The doll's hazel glass eyes glance softly at you. Her painted lips, fingernails, toenails and lower lashes add refinement to her beauty. Alice's synthetic upper lashes accentuate her appearance. Her painted feathered brows look elegant.

Alice wears a teal organdie dress with sequins and rocaille beads. The dress features floral appliques and two rows of crochet trim near the hem and white whip stitching at the hemline. Gray crochet appliques and sequins adorn the bodice. Two overlay teal organdie sleeves with white whip stitching at the ends add elegance to Alice and Her Rabbit's outfit. A white cotton-like underlayer supports her dress. A cute Peter Pan collar graces her neckline.

Alice also wears white booties with a teal ribbon on each. Her white cotton-like pantaloons match the underlayer of her dress. Two teal ribbons keep her hair in place.

Alice comes with a cute little rabbit with appliques on its head and a teal organdie ribbon around its neck. The ribbon features beads and sequins. The rabbit has movable arms and legs.


Date She arrived: 30 November 2006
From: uSAVEm (USA)
Edition Number: N/A


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