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An absolutely wonderful find on Ebay.
I really thought this wonderful Alice would be unattainable and
now - here she is!

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Click here to see a close up of her face

"Through the Looking Glass" - holds the delightful and elusive white rabbit who is wearing a beautiful timepiece with "gold leaf" detail around his neck. Alice is dressed in a lovely pale blue dress and white organza apron with "Alice" and tiny flowers embroidered on the yoke.

She is a lovely 19" porcelain doll with delicately hand-painted features, porcelain head, neckplate, arms and legs and a weighted cloth body.

She has beautiful blue eyes, hand-knotted human hair eyelashes and lovely straight blond wigged hair.

Alice is a Limited Edition of 1,500 pcs.

Date She arrived: 1 September 2006
From: Abbingdon Auctions
Edition Number: 296 / 1500

This Alice was SOLD

Date She arrived: 17 January 2003
From: Ebay (cissp)
Edition Number: 395 / 1500
Date Sold: 27 October 2006

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